The Art of Skill – print edition

Hear directly from the great Dave Liebman about the personal and professional requirements for attaining world-class skill in music and life. Topics that Dave focuses on include:

Self-awareness required for knowing your life’s true purpose: Dave talks openly about the night his life would change in 1962 from his epiphany upon seeing John Coltrane live at Birdland, and offers advice for being open and aware of moments that will change your life.

Knowing the practice habits that are right for you: Practicing eight hours every day is not the right approach for everyone. Dave shares his observations of various practicing habits from Miles to Michael Brecker.

The skill, courage, and knowledge necessary to find your personal inner musical voice: Stories of great players Dave knew as well as his own journey provide real-life examples and inspiration to discover how you are meant to sound. 

The critical importance of being a well-rounded musician: Knowing your scales, chords, and tunes are insufficient to be a complete musical artist. Immersing yourself in philosophy, culture, and other arts is essential for the energy and inspiration for your music, and Dave explains why.

Escaping the trap of forever sounding like your musical heroes: Modeling the great players of this music is an essential part of developing skill but Dave explains the importance of breaking with your copying and moving forward with your personal sound and approach.

Common traits of jazz musicians: Dave discusses the attributes common to creative and professionally successful jazz musicians.


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