Roads Less Traveled

If you think all trombone sounds the same, this creative variety of jazz and latin will change your mind. Combining alto and bass trombones with synthesis and percussion, these creative arrangements break new ground in trombone recording.

Each of these multi-trombone arrangements were recorded by Michael Lake overdubbing his alto trombone between one and 10 times, along with Gerry Pagano recording the bass trombone parts.

This digital album comes with all tracks as both MP3 and WAV, and the four-page liner note booklet. This is not a CD. It is a downloadable digital album.

On Roads Less Traveled, Lake paints full canvases. He fills out the sound in multiple ways, adding keyboards, throwing electronics into the mix, and by creatively and judiciously overdubbing horn parts. As the album kicks off, a pair of high energy numbers Charlie Parkers “Yardbird Suite” and John Coltranes “Moment’s Notice”—showcase Lake’s skills on the horn, his studio savvy, and the blend he achieves with himself and Pagano.

Lake and Pagano deserve a lot of credit for what they’ve accomplished here. Roads Less Traveled is an inspired, well-wrought work of art.
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Dan Bilawsky
All About Jazz
A white guy from Arizona gets a music scholarship to study with cats from Art Ensemble of Chicago and you think he won’t have way-out creative ideas? Farther along down life’s trail than he was back then, he still hasn’t lost his restless spirit to push the boundaries. With his multi instrument abilities and multi-track recorder, he’s created his own old school sounding trombone orchestra and it’s a gasser. The set list doesn’t stray too far from straight ahead jazz, but you don’t mind the diversions no matter how much of a jazzbo you are. Playing it straight but with a certain, palpable winking askewness, Lake, with coloration from Pagano, serves up the goods in just the right fashion.

There’s no way a mainstreamer can’t love this.
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MidWest Records
Exquisite playing and beautifully crafted arrangements make the Roads Less Traveled a must take musical journey. Michael Lake’s virtuosic alto trombone playing is worth the price of admission alone, as is Gerry Pagano’s rock solid bass trombone performance, but together it’s a match made in heaven. Bravo Michael and Gerry.
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Michael Davis
Trombonist,composer, educator

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