The art of living in troubled times

I received an email today from a musician friend who is having a very hard time of things right now. He’s far from the only one, but his emotional outpouring of sorrow and hopelessness inspired me to share my belief in what I’m calling the art. The art of living in times of dark clouds and turbulent waters.

When Richie Beirach first met and played with Hank Mobley

Richie sent me his reflection of meeting Hank Mobley for the first time. I was up at Don Sicklers loft one afternoon working on some stuff with Don, and Hank came. Don introduced me, telling Hank that I was a jazz pianist and was playing in a band with Dave Liebman. Hank smiled and said, […]

Joe Lovano talks about the courage to have your own unique musical voice

In my interview with Joe Lovano, I asked if he thought there was an element of courage to developing and playing with one’s musical voice that is different and personal. I asked that question because it seems to me that playing like others in the manner that is generally accepted as “how your instrument should […]