For previous subscribers of the Improvisation Savvy course

I recently completed the migration of improvisation Savvy from a platform called Kartra to This means that your previous login to Improvisation Savvy no longer works since it was within the Kartra platform.

But the good news is that you are still a subscriber and as such you can continue to have access to the course.

More good news is that I’ve expanded the course to include quizzes for most of the lessons. You see, Kartra was not built for courses. It was more for memberships and so I created Improvisation Savvy around a membership model of displaying a series of videos.  It worked well, but my new version provides you with a more robust learning experience.

If you wish to continue your access to the upgraded course, simply go to:

On that page, hit the orange “Add Improvisation Savvy to cart” button and you will be taken to the checkout for the course. In order to reduce the price to $0 for the course since you’ve already paid for it, use the coupon code “ImprovSavvy”. Finish the checkout for $0 and you will once again be a fully fledged member of Improvisation Savvy.

Once you have “bought” the course and registered your user name and password, you will be taken to your account page. There you can access Improvisation Savvy and any other course for which you are registered. Write down your user name and password for future easy access to your account. 

See the following screen shot from the “My Account” page…

Just click the box/link for Improvisation Savvy and you’ll be taken inside the course. Here you will be greeted with the course introduction.

Since you’ve paid for the course, check out this new and improved version. If nothing else, seeing this material after some time away from it might spark some new ideas, motivation, or music from within you!

If you have any questions or trouble making your way through this, please reach out to me.

Michael Lake

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Michael Lake

Michael Lake

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