How you can play so much better right now

There is a fascinating process that I constantly see played out. Instantly, it can elevate the ability of players. They are amazed and delighted that something so seemingly simple can transform their playing into something they hadn’t imagined. Here’s an example. Last Tuesday, my group was warming up on some Bach Chorals, and when we […]

The finishing fetish

Before a rehearsal tonight, I was speaking with a couple of friends/bandmates about some of my improvisation methods They’ve been following a few of my lessons and advice on developing improvisation skills and one of them proudly mentioned that he can now play a couple of simple songs in all 12 keys. He’s been doing the work […]

Memorization for jazz solos?

A sax player eager to improve his improvisation skills reached out to me yesterday. He’s frustrated. He’s unsure of how to continue his learning. He really wants to play like his peers but fears that he might lack something fundamental that they seem to naturally possess. Sound familiar? He sent me a description from a […]

Announcing my new site

I’m happy to announce that this week I launched the brand new version of my website I hunkered down for two weeks, learned a new Content Management System, and rebuilt the site. Building a good web site is becoming easier and easier. I’ve talked about my friends at Bandzoogle who provide a platform to exclusively […]

Quick and easy mastery of jazz?

I woke up this morning to an email from an online jazz instructor claiming, in essence, that 1. large amounts of practice is NOT necessary for impressive progress, 2. the goal of practicing is not to eliminate mistakes, and 3. that if one doesn’t keep up a consistent practice habit even when they know they […]