An unusual testimonial on the Art of Skill

The Art of Skill – the book Dave Liebman and I put together – is selling well. I’m getting a lot of positive feedback.


I’m in the middle of recording the book for an audiobook version. It’s a ton of work but I think there are a good amount of people who like to listen to their books.

Among the feedback I’ve been getting, one I received last week really caught my attention and respect. It’s from a guy who hates jazz but has some interesting praise for the book.

As I read the book out loud for recording, I am reminded of the truth in this gentleman’s comments.

I intentionally focused Lieb on the topic of finding one’s musical voice. I believe that there is so much good original music locked up in all of us that never emerges because of our misplaced belief that we must sound like our heroes.

As Lieb says, we all go through that phase, but my point is that so few ever come out of it. I don’t believe it is from a lack of musical talent. You need not be a musical genius to sound like YOU. You just need to be brave and confident enough to play your truth.

As the writer of the above testimonial stated, it’s about following your muse.

Start today by not playing it safe in the sound of others. Let the world hear your own musical voice. Follow your muse!

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Michael Lake

Michael Lake

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