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I’m happy to announce that this week I launched the brand new version of my website I hunkered down for two weeks, learned a new Content Management System, and rebuilt the site.

Building a good web site is becoming easier and easier. I’ve talked about my friends at Bandzoogle who provide a platform to exclusively build band and musician websites, but there are a lot of options these days if you wish to create or upgrade to a website that accomplishes pretty much anything you might imagine.

I recreated using a content management system I’ve grown to really like called Elementor.

If you are a WordPress devotee as I am, the two main editing platforms you’ll probably consider are Divi and Elementor. They’re the Coke and Pepsi of WordPress editors/plugins.

I was leaning toward Divi but got some wise counseling from a web developer who said that Elementor was better. One reason is that Elementor produces less code for the same functionality resulting in a faster and more efficient site. Also, its learning curve is not as steep.

Before I completely geek out, let’s talk about you. Consider your current online presence. Does it live exclusively in Facebook or Instagram? Can you think of things you’d like to do online that your social media channels don’t provide for you?

Remember, on social media, you are renting someone else’s real estate. They make the rules and set the limits. You might benefit from having your own site which allows you to:

  • Create a unique ‘business card’ accessible by virtually everyone, not just social media subscribers

  • Showcase your music for vanity, promotion, or to attract an audience

  • Be more easily found in search since Google will give your site more authority if built well than your social media page

  • Build a following and subsequently an email list so that you can regularly communicate with your audience like I do with you

  • Sell your music and merchandise direct

  • Portray yourself to the world as a more professional musician

  • Provide easy access for people wanting your pic, bio, or press kit

Here’s a fair comparison of the two.

In the late 90s, I remember driving to an east coast web designer’s home/office and seeing a brand new Porsche in his driveway. He proceeded to price my modest website needs at $30,000 and I soon realized how he could afford that car. Today, if he is still exclusively earning his living building modest-sized websites, let’s just say that he’s driving something a lot less impressive than a Porsche!

We no longer need the brain surgeons to build us websites. Tools like Divi and Elementor are becoming easier to use and more powerful.


Take a look around I’ve placed a lot of free resources throughout the site–some of it on sale–as well as a complete collection of my other books and courses to help players like you become better improvisers and musicians.

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Michael Lake

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