You’d like to make more money but don’t love promoting yourself – what to do?

Does this sound like you:

You want more money but you don’t love promoting yourself. Even so, you’re not sure how to go about promoting yourself on your website, or you might not even have a site. You feel somewhat guilty for not doing more to promote yourself, but you’re conflicted.

I hear you. You are not alone!

A automatic way to promote yourself can be set up on your website that will attract more of the people who want to become fans and/or to buy something from you.

They might want to buy tickets to hear you play, maybe buy a t-shirt, license a lead sheet, buy a new mouthpiece, take lessons, hire you for a gig, commission you for a piece of music, call you about another way to make money doing something you love…

Regardless, your website can be set up to greet them, communicate with them, and give them the opportunity to buy. 

And, best of all, it can be set up to run on its own.

The tools now exist to promote you and communicate with your audience without you having to do much of anything except monitor your inbox for emails your site sends you about these perspective new fans and/or customers.

I can set all of this up for you along with a refresh of your site or a complete building of a brand new site for you.

If you’d like to chat about refreshing your site or having a new one built for you, let’s talk. Hit the button below to schedule a time convenient to you.

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Michael Lake

Michael Lake

Trombonist, author, composer, marketer

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This is just a fake book example for the type of website I can build for you. Just trying to use a little humor here!