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Over the the years I’ve written many books on a variety of topics and have been selling music books and music compositions & arrangements through my site. I use other distribution channels but I own exclusive rights to all of my books, ebooks, and audio books, so I call myself a publisher.

I’ll soon have a few new books from other musicians who want my distribution and marketing. One aspect of working with me that they appreciate is the royalty partnership I provide, which is a 50/50 split on net profit. For many people, unfortunately, that’s a refreshing surprise.

It’s a refreshing surprise because the typical publisher will give you less than 10% of the net after their marketing and other costs. What are their marketing costs? They can’t really tell you, and they probably don’t even know, at least not for your book alone.

The publisher will also most likely demand exclusive rights to your book for the length of your agreement with them. That means, in part, that anyone and everyone wanting to sell your book must go through your publisher for which in the end, you’ll get your meager 10% or less.

I’m writing this hoping that I might interest you in selling and marketing your physical book, ebook, or audio book of music, music theory, music education, or other topic through Music Savvy.

I can also help you produce the book, but it will depend on the type of book and what all is needed from me. I can provide cover and internal design, editing, and delivery for distribution channels. But I can also be your accountability buddy making sure that the project actually gets done and “shipped” as Steve Jobs put it. His actual quote was, “Real artists ship.” By “ship” he meant finished and put out into the world. Frankly, my superpower is getting shit done.

Richie Beirach and I have worked on many projects including books, audio books, videos, and ebooks. Richie summed it up well one time when he said, “You’re amazing. You always finish what we need done quicker and better than I expected. I’m not used to having to keep up with people.”

Some of the advantages to consider from my publishing include:

  •  50/50 split on profit. I don’t subtract marketing costs, only the taxes and payment fees that I am charged that you would pay with or without me by the shopping cart services like Shopify, Lulu, Paypal, Woo Commerce, etc. That arrangement carries through to third party sellers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
  • You retain full ownership of your book or music. That means you can still sell your book to whomever you wish, and we do not split the profit from places you find or others through which you choose to sell on your own.
  • You will have the full free access to my design and marketing skills to promote your book on my site and social resources.

Now, you might ask, what type of books could you and I partner with in this way? A pretty wide range that includes:

  •  Instrumental technique books like my Alto Trombone Savvy.
  • Jazz improvisation books like my Trombone Improvisation Savvy, Jazz Ear Savvy, etc.
  • Editorial-type Jazz Educational books like my Teaching and Learning Jazz
  • Technical books on harmony
  • Music books of exercises or songs
  • Biographical or historical writings
  • Psychology and other deeper thinking about music


If you are writing something along those lines or contemplating one, we should talk. I can’t write the book for you but I can provide the tools and expertise to make it a reality.

And if you have unsold stacks of your latest book piled in a closet somewhere, maybe we should talk about getting them sold and into the hands of deserving musicians! 

Let me know if I might help you get your knowledge and hard work out to more of the world.

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Michael Lake

Michael Lake

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